Stars shaker cards

Hello and welcome!

Today I would like to share with you my latest video and 3 fun, colourful shaker cards I made.

It was suppose to be just one card but I made all kinds of silly mistakes and decided to get it right 😉

I really enjoyed creating these even though it was quite frustrating at points getting the shaker part right… For you I tried and tried and captured it on the camera so that YOU will pay more attention to what I did not 🙂 I hope the video will help you get your shaker cards ready right away as they are so super fun in the end!!

Here is the video where I explain my steps in more detail:

48 2 7 3

I hope you will enjoy the video and try to create a shaker card this week!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



3 thoughts on “Stars shaker cards

  1. Very cool tutorial Kamila! Thank you … I was wondering how the shaker cards with the individual shakers windows were done …

  2. Hello Kamila,
    As usual wonderful card! I love your colorful joy. Your cards are so energetic and radiating positive energy. Wonderful shaker cards. Greate tutorial!

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