Help for my crafty friend’s brother – please take moment to read!

Hello crafty friends!

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Today I have for you a different type of a post for you. A post with a request.

My friend’s brother – Krzysztof, has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. It is a terrible disease and there is not much the doctors can do accept for chemoteraphy to which he is reacting very badly.

Here is the link to my friend’s Bożena’s website where you can read more information. It is in Polish but with a Google Translate anyone can read foreign languages these days. So please take a moment and help save Krzysztof’s life! –

Here is what my friend wrote on her post and I translated for you in English:

Doctors who treat him told me that at such young age this type of cancer is virtually incurable, it is a very aggressive and rapidly progressing type of cancer.

My brother is after 2 cycles of chemotherapy, during 1.5 months lost 8 kg. Before treatment weighed 70 kg (he was always slim), now weighs 62 kg. His body is reacting to chemotherapy very badly, as most of you know it is not a cute but treatment.

Therefore, we found a doctor of alternative medicine, who by strengthening and stimulation of the immune system treats cancer even in the very advanced stages. In his menthod he uses dozens of specifics of natural origin (natural chemotherapeutic agents) and hyperthermia treatments.

The clinic is located in Germany, and the doctor called Janus Vorretier. I personally got to 2 people he helped to heal with with his treatment and after 6 and 7 years they are still completely healthy. Their academically trained doctors gave up on them at the time they were sick saying there was nothing else they could have done – they were wrong.  Unfortunately, this treatment is a huge cost of 220 000 euros (this is the total cost of treatment for a period of two years. The costs cover the medicin, stay in the clinic, blood tests, the TC and the cost of   possible operation, if the condition improved and the operation would be possible.

I make an enormous request to all people of good will. If you can, share this message with as many friends as you can, please also include the link to my blog post.

Any form of help is important to me and appreciated. This is the only way I can get anywhere close to reaching the amount of money needed for the treatment.

I do not know how I could repay you for your help but you can leave any suggestions in the comments section:-)

At the moment there is only one more person involved in this fund-raising opperation so that this why I reach out to you my crafty friends, and members of the crafty community.

I know I can count on you and we are strong together as a community and always support each other in difficult times.

We have set up a few accounts so that people from all around the world could easily help out in this situation.

For sending from Poland, please send to:
Marcela Szendzielorz Alior Bank
  66 2490 0005 0000 4000 7645 1149
For sending in Euro €  please send to:
Marcela Szendzielorz Alior Bank
 PL 62 2490 0005 0000 4000 1824 6371  SWIFT: ALBPPLPW
For sending in American dollars $ please send to:
 PL 90 2490 0005 0000 4000 8023 6918  SWIST: ALBPPLPW
For sending money in British Pounds please send to:
Krzysztof Marek Szendzielorz
Barclays Bank
Sort Code  20-71-75 Account Number: 73679128
Thank you for visiting today and please spread the word to help out!