New project – pocket letter

Hi there crafty friends!

This time I would like to share with you a new paper project. Thanks to Kimberly Brown from, or rather her video of a lovely pocket letter, I decided to try myself! 🙂

I just thought it might be a super fun way to try to be even more creative! You have a sleeve with 9 pockets that you have to fill. That to me was 9 possibilities to be creative and that is how I made my first pocket letter. I made a video I had to realllllllly edit it down and it finally ended on 22 minutes and 30 seconds 😉

Here are a few shots of the finished pocket letter:





Here is my video of the making of:

I really love how it turned out and it was super fun to make! It was a lot of work though so I probably will not make them often but I was happy that I tried! You should too! 🙂

Check out PL creator’s website where you can meet more PL makers and exchange them with peeps all over the world! –

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4 thoughts on “New project – pocket letter

  1. No, niezly jednorazowy wysyp pomysłów! Świetny całościowy efekt. A każda kartka to perełka graficzna 🙂 Super!!!
    I ciekawe video – obejrzałem z zainteresowaniem 🙂

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