New video tutorial! Stitched snowflake card!

Hello and welcome again!

I have for you today also a second video tutorial for one of my cards. You might have seen it before on my blog but I liked it so much I decided to show you and maybe get you inspired to make a similar one for your loved ones!

If you remember the card from this post from November 

Here is a picture of the card once again


Here is the video link to you tube:


Thank you for stopping by I hope you will take a look at the video!

Do not be shy leave a comment or give it thumbs up if you like it and maybe even subscribe to my channel to receive notification each time I make a new video, which by the way will be very soon. I am trying to get my routine in order and be ready with a new video each week.

Take care dear visitors and see you soon!



2 thoughts on “New video tutorial! Stitched snowflake card!

  1. Bardzo ładna, zimowa kartka – przypomina, że w zimie kiedyś częściej padał śnieg 🙂 Video instruktażowe – bardzo profesjonalne i obrazowe.

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