Trip to NYC!

oh my oh my!

What a fantastic trip it was! Apart from the sightseeing that I am not going to bore you with 😉 I got myself tons of wonderful craft stuff!!

I went to the Ink Pad – the best craft shop in New York and to Michaels – just as full of amazing stuff! Card stock, stamps, ink pads, pens, stickers, cutting boards, markers, embellishments and many more…

I also put an order through just before I left with MarkerPOP and had it delivered to the place I was staying ah what a lovely gift from me to me for my birthday :)) Did I not mention that? yes during my trip I gained one more year 😉 It was not a trip just for my birthday it was a gift for us for many reasons, but with all those in mind I also had my birthday in New York which was great! I love the city I love the people!

Here is what I got:

IMG_0316 IMG_0313 IMG_0314IMG_0311


Sooo many things! 🙂 I love my new stamp sets mostly from Lawn Fawn – the moment I discovered that company I knew I will have to get tons of their stamps! 🙂 I also got their die cuts leaves and snowflakes! So beautiful! Hours upon hours of crafting and happiness!

Look at all the ink pads I got too! I got a set of the Memento mini Ink pads – so beautiful!!  Finally I will be able to stamp in different shades and my favourite in the world – distress inks…. ah I cannot express how I love them! FANTASTIC colours! 🙂

Plus my new WOW embossing powders they are just so perfect! I already tried the silver one on my Halloween card project which I will be posting probably tomorrow along with another Halloween card I am making as we speak 😉

All the crafters in the USA I am soooo jealous that you can all get these products just like that with a click of the button on your computer! For me sure it is a click but one damn expensive click! hehe Shipping to the wonder of a country I live in right now…. is always extreme and there is unfortunately a big probability that customs get their dirty  hands on the item and put a nice fat additional (here no matter where you order you have to pay double tax…) TAX… yes taxman is watching 😉


I love all my stuff I am super happy and ready to craft away! You will be seeing more and more of my cards soon and I hope you will like them!

Android users have access to an App with Michaels as well as a discount coupon for Michaels…



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