CAS(E) this Sketch #94

New CAS(E) this Sketch #94 !


I always liked their sketches, as I prefer making somewhat “clean” and simple cards. A little sentiment here a little image there 😉

Often though the idea I have in my head seems easier than it is in reality. Sometimes it even turns out to be quite impossible to make it reality. Well this time it was not so bad. There were some problems but not major to my surprise. Also I came up with the idea of raising the card and giving it dimension while I was making it not before. I hardly ever have a full plan of what to do from the very beginning to the very end. Usually I either change something for various reasons like – my idea turns out to be impossible to do in reality and with the tools I have at my disposal… or something better comes to my head and I decide that the whole project looks better, or some other inspiration pops in my head, with an image I see drink the day, or a flower or clothes combination – practically anything can help with my new projects.

This time I was quite sure I want to use my Distress Inks for the project as well as my die cut “thanks” by LawnFawn, but just in the meantime I came up with an idea to “raise the card” and that gave the project completely different looks, I actually and completely like it!

I hop you will too, here it is:

stripes cas thanks2 stripes cas thanks4 stripes cas thanks3

Have a great day!



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