CASology challenge – STRIPES!

CASology new challenge – week 107 – stripes

Week 107 - Stripe

A few days ago I had this idea in my head with lots of colourful stripes… Today when I was looking through the challenges available I found CASology’s challenge that was perfect for my idea!

It took some time to make, and it was not easy, but it was definitely a lot of funny figuring my concept out and putting the card together! I think that was actually half of the challenge – the putting it together part haha BUT it was worth it. I hope you will enjoy looking at this new project as much as I do.

thank you sptripes vinette   thank you stripes 2

Speaking of stripes the weather here has been very much like this card… one stripe this way, one another – Rain – sun – rain – sun…. 🙂

have a great, sunny day, like I do right now… (who knows how long that will last 😉




4 thoughts on “CASology challenge – STRIPES!

  1. What a colorful, fun card! Plenty of stripes here, I’d say!!! 🙂 Love the sentiment peeking out…perfectly framed!
    Thanks so much for joining us over at CASology!

  2. Loving the colours, you always have a great eye for design and colours. Makes me think of the late 70s where colours were all becoming digitised into the 80s… 🙂

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