Simply – Less Is More challenge week 183

The most wonderful colours in the Less is More challenge this month! Lovely blues, yellows and greens! Summer is here – still 🙂


I had a lot of fun making the card. Usually I had a hard time deciding which shades of colours to use for a new project, but this time it was as if colours spoke to me… The juicy summer sun – yellow, was a definite winner among other shades of yellow, along with turquoise blue and baby blue. This card could not do without a hint of green and of course my choice was shamrock green -rhinestones. As a background also green, polka dots grass green card sock. As an addition to the whole project was a beautiful accent of a turquoise ribbon. Gosh I really like these colours, they are so summery, it reminds me of sea and sandy beaches. Oh how I wish I was there now…

And so here it is:

yellowblue1 copy  yellowblue2


As always I hope you will enjoy it and have a great day!


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