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I have been away from my blog for a longer while due to personal problems… Since they are not over yet it was hard to sit down and start creating something BUT I forced myself… creative work is a good cure for being down… Coming up with new designs and selecting colour combinations made me feel better and I think I came up with some nice projects and very elegant cards. I hope you will like them. Also I will try to take part on competitions again. Who knows maybe this time I will even win 🙂

My new creations:

In this black and yellow project I basically layered cardstock and added silver embossing powder for the sentiment in the middle, plus cut outs of butterflies.

I must admit that for most color combinations in these projects I was inspired by clothes! I was watching series Nash Bridges the other day, it always cheers me up, and I just loved the characters clothes sets. Especially Joe’s and Nashe’s 🙂 Black and yellow- black suit yellow shirt.


Here I also layered cardstock of various colours but decided to do shades of purple and then accent the whole card with contrasting yellow flower cut outs.


Then I wanted to use other great color combination blue and green, my two favorite colors. Again to contrast the background I added red and yellow flower in front. Polka dots cardstock to accent the flowers and the squares they were put on and here it is, elegant and pretty card. I hope you will enjoy it like I am.


specialthanksblugreen3special thanks blugreen2

This card was actually the first one of the lot that I made. The color idea came from the clothes set of the captain Yakamura from the series Nash Bridges. His dark grey suit and red shirt with black or dark grey tie. It just looked so good. Oh I love the 90s – I will try to find the picture to add here.

special thanks redgrey1

Last card is also an inspiration by Joe Dominguez’s outfit. Although I think he had a black suit, red shirt and a yellow tie. I decided to skip the black and use the happy colors for this project. Again contrasting with the red and yellow is blue. I think it nicely brought out the cards elegance and added that extra something to make the card work just right.

bestwishe redyell1bestwishes red yell2


So these were my new vertical cards. I will try to make some more and also take parts in competitions from now on. If anyone is interested purchasing any of these cards it will be possible through my Etsy store – HappyBumblebeee Shop

Have a good summer!



One thought on “new cards

  1. Beautiful designs, I love the colour combination and idea behind it. It’s really wonderful to see how you can take something like a TV show and the colours used in it, to make these cards. I really think these are my favourite of them all 🙂

    Great execution and wonderful presentation, keep up the inspiring work!

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