Card Makin Mamas challenge – a VERY SPECIAL CARD

This time I decided to take part in Card Makin Mamas challenge with a special goal set in my mind.

To make the most colourful and beautiful card, for this time, it is not only for this particular challenge but also a way of saying THANK YOU to our special friend Diane Esser.

She is the founder of a wonderful non-profit organisation  – I am a planet kid . A very noble organisation which helps kids to learn about the love for nature and how to preserve it. I am a Planet Kid strives to educate young children and people in the importance of the ongoing environmental issues we face daily. With exciting and fun ways to bring children into caring for mother nature, they have an adorable mascot called Sherwin, who inspires the young and makes room for plenty of fun.

During the summer, I am Planet Kid goes out into nature with the children to educate them about planting trees, caring for nature and having fun with Sherwin. The I am Planet Kid kits consist of a little seed and a how to guide, from which the children can learn on their own the magic of bringing life into this world.

With years of experience and many generations of young children knowing the name of Sherwin and the wonders of mother nature, Diane Esser has achieved an extraordinary capacity to radiate life through her kindness, her wisdom and generosity.

I am proud to know Diane, I am grateful for her kindness, her inspiration and wisdom. She has been a blessing to my new family and I look forward to introducing her to our soon to be born baby girl.

We are both very proud to call Diane our Earth mother.

For the challenge of Card Makin Mamas , here is what the card should be all about:

CMM81 FB Album Cover

With that in mind this time I created this project:

card makin mamas thank you 2card makin mamas thank you 3

card makin mamas thank you 5card makin mamas thank you 4

I stacked many layers ( inspired by Gina K. card making tutorials) I loved the idea of adding layers upon layers and not making the card look bulky but instead clean and presentable. I was also inspired by Easter colours  – yellow, purple and green. Colours of not only Easter but of an upcoming spring that I cannot wait for! With respect and acknowledgment of Diane’s love for nature and environment I attached a little tree branch cut out, symbolising the nature, with little red pearl drops as fruit of the nature, which we all are. Each layer on the project gives kind of a frame within a frame effect, with one of them being separated and that way exposed with a purple ribbon. That was created to give the effect of a special importance of the last layer, where we have the sentiment – Thank You, to make that last layer seem special and to put focus on the message on it, along with the tree branch having an additional meaning.

Once again I dedicate this card to Diane Esser and thank you for all the kindness and understanding and warmth you brought into our lives.

I hope you along with everyone else will enjoy the card!

Have a great day!



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