New Challenge! – Seize the Birthday!

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This time and for the first time I will take a double or more part in a competition 😉             — >Click Here

Seize the Birthday challenge. SO I birthdayed myself out card wise 😉

My Goddaughter and her twin sister’s birthday is coming up on 20th November so I made them  two birthday cards. One of them is going to take part in a competition. It is a continuation of the stripe craze and of course colours 🙂

Marti 1a copyMarti 1c copyMarti 1b copy

That was my first stage of the card

Ala bday 1aa copyAla bday 1b copy

but then I added more crazy, cute stuff on it because well they are turning 8 so more cuteness was required 🙂


I hope you like it 🙂


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