Last minute fall card!

Hello everybody out there!

I know we are basically at the end of fall… To be honest November is one of those bad months for me … the in between months… the only one where there is absolutely nothing to look forward to.. no holidays, weather is usually bad, the in between weather – not fall any more and not winter yet – grey, rainy, cold and eventless… This is were all my friends born in November start NOT calling me haha But if they are honest with themselves they know November is a bit sad 😉

But that is not why I am writing this post of course! 🙂 I finished one of my cards today, two actually which I started at the beginning of the fall in September, beautiful, colourful and sunny September 😉 I guess I was too busy enjoying the weather and the world outside to focus on my creation that is why I am about to present it to you now instead. I guess it’s a good thing I hope they will brighten your day and make you think about all the wonderful, colourful and sunny days we had this fall.

Here they are then:

happybday card 1a copy happybday card 1b copy

and another one:

Our Badge

Here is the link to the competition

happy b 1a2 copy happy b 1d copy 2happy b 1b copy

The reason why the yellow sometimes differs is because I used a lamp on and off, sorry for that but I hope that doesn’t make much difference and I know you are imaginative enough people to see that ! 🙂

Anyway I am particularly happy with the tag the sentiment is on, do you see the beautiful combination of orange and yellow? the rusty yellow as this colours should be called? YES! My pride and joy! Here I used for the first time my distress inks – mustard seed and wild honey that I got for my birthday in October! – Yes I am one of those lucky people born during the most fantastic time of the year and the most colourful (not counting those differently lucky people born during spring… 😉

I digress all the time I am sorry, but that is just who I am hehe sometimes I do that to the point I forget what I was talking about… to some it’s funny to some well let’s  say some loose interest and move along OR fall asleep 😉

hmmm oh yes! Distress Inks! 🙂 Did it again … After watching so many wonderful video tutorials on you tube, I fell in love with distress inks and I needed them! I simply needed them! My fiancé was kind enough to get me for my birthday a wonderful package of all kinds of tools and craft items, including tim holtz distress inks!! I was soooo happy! 🙂 Since then I did not have the courage and idea that could include them since they are quite fall-y colours. So now, today I finally gave them a shot and I LOVE THEM! I WANT MORE! They work perfectly. They combine beautifully and it feels like the colours were meant to be together they blend smoothly and create this unbelievable new colour! I call it rusty yellow! I might get a call from Tim Holtz any day now 😉

I had a fun day making cards today I added some more to my Etsy store, which I hope some more people will visit, I have plenty of Christmas Cards it is just about time for you guys to get some, time flies! and so yet again here it is:

   My Etsy Shop

I hope you enjoyed my today’s posts, don’t be shy leave a comment 😉

Have a great week!


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