First Step!


My name is Kamila and as of today I will try to add more and more posts about my hobby which turned into a passion

– card making!

I’m new here, but encouraged by friends and family I finally decided to take a small brave step and show my little creations 🙂

I hope you will enjoy looking at them and maybe even comment, give advice, suggest something or simply drop in a good word or two. Feel free to do so!

Now I know there are many people out there making cards and truly beautiful ones too, but I also think every single one creation reflects someones personality and I consider them all unique and special. I love making cards, I love the moments when a new idea kicks into my head and the rush that follows the idea of collecting necessary materials to make the idea into the complete project. It is my little contribution to the world as each card is a little gift to someones eyes 😉 whether it’s my card or someone else’s.

I hope I will become more systematic with my posts and some of you will find some of my projects pleasant to look at!


2 thoughts on “First Step!

  1. That’s such a beautiful introduction, Kamila. I also believe that our cards make the world at least a little bit brighter and happier for the people who receive them (and maybe also for them who look at them on our blogs?!).

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