Christmas Time

I know it’s October and the time of fall and I wouldn’t even dream of taking beautiful fall’s thunder in any way, I DO love fall with all its colours and clear air but….

Where I live now all the shops started going crazy! Is it the same where you are? Everywhere xmas decorations, xmas ornaments, sweets xmas food in shops! Have people gone mad?! Are they really that impatient? Or did the greed completely take over the world? There hasn’t even been Halloween and they already blinding us with xmas stuff reminding us that we have to BUY BUY BUY NOW NOW NOW like that’s all christmas is about! I must say that made me really angry and sad at the same time… I LOVE christmas, in fact it is my favourite holiday in the year and it has always been special to me in all kind of ways. So now seeing how it is being rushed and pushed into peoples faces like it is just another day in the year where people MUST BUY stuff for other people, MUST SPEND money and MUST SHOW off to the neighbours and family members by being reminded of it 2 months before, it jus takes me sooooooo angry! Why must everything be about money?

Now of course I did not mean to start of one of my first posts with a rant… but this just really upset me since Christmas is very special to me and making it into a holiday of commerce it is just disgusting….

So let me change the tone of my post into more  xmassy, more warm and cozy!

In my family Christmas was always special, it was a family time, no excuses, lovely food, twinkly lights on the xmas tree, I still remember how wonderful it was every year to dress the Christmas tree with my dad, while listening to xmas carols with my dog curiously disturbing us with stilling ornaments and smelling the tree… while my mom was baking all the yummy cookies and other delicious food in the kitchen… It was, is and always will be a special time for me… Funny how our childhood memories stay with us forever and we try to copy the best of times later in life….

I must confess that we even have special to my family’s hear films related to christmas that we have been watching every year for Christmas National Lampoon: Christmas Vacation – I watched that film more than 20 times and I still laugh it is the funniest xmas film hands down! I love Griswold family haha… Now the second one or rather two films are of course Home Alone… The music in that film is just perfect Christmas spirit to me! The second one with the NYC during christmas time would be my favourite here since not long ago me and my fiancee went to New York and basically fell in love with that city! Now every time we watch a film set there, it has completely different meaning to us 🙂

So aaaaaaanyway 🙂 today I will show you my first creation for this year’s Christmas:

Decorate your holiday with Happiness 2                  Decorate your holiday with Happiness

I made it a few days ago along with a few other cards which I will be posting hopefully systematically for you 🙂 It is very simple and classy I think. With its red and green colours of christmas it would nicely compose on the fireplace next to the xmas tree if you HAVE a fire place … just a little thought/dream inspired by this amazing picture …

cozy, warm and festive! 600x470-Christmas-Tree-Fireplace-1024-127315

Anyway enjoy the blog  and keep an eye out for more!


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